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STANAG 4569 2 class protective bulletproof plate


a specification, STANAG 4569, Protection Levels for Occupants of Logistics and Light Armored Vehicles. In this specification, lightweight protection against common threats used against NATO forces is desired. The threats are segregated into 5 levels of increasing magnitude. In order to support material development in this area, compositeCentigon Security Group - Vehicle - Mercedes-Benz S Class STANAG 4569 2 class protective bulletproof plateThe armoured S Class Long wheel Base offers optimal driving comfort and protection on all roads under the most extreme weather conditions. The protection includes four doors, complete glass, front, central and rear pillars, rear face, roof, firewall, rocker panels, wheel arches. The floor is protected against 2 DM51 grenades per square meter.Centigon Security Group - Vehicle - UNIMOG Mercedes UNIMOG Mercedes-Benz - 160 Kw (218hp) Level of protection up to. STANAG 3. in. UNIMOG Mercedes-Benz. By centigon. The Armoured UNIMOG U5000 is the ideal off-road vehicle for transport of troops and equipment. The modular concept is available in levels 1 to 3 protection according to STANAG 4569, tested by an independant laboratory Beschussamt STANAG 4569 2 class protective bulletproof plate

File Size 281KBPage Count 6forstanag 4193 specificationsarmor penetration simulationarmor penetrating roundsstanag 4193 edition 2nato standardization officebulletproff glass to stop a .50 calImages of Stanag 4569 2 Class Protective Bulletproof plate

imagesSTANAG 4569 Protection Levels -SANCERA (Yangzhou North Sanshan Industrial Ceramics) is the holding subsidiary of China NORINCO GROUP. It's the leading comprehensive manufacturer of bullet-proof ceramics, integrating production, R&D, sales, and marketing.Since the 1980s, SANCERA has been LIGHT LARGE SHIELD Garanti KompozitSpecifications. Model No . Protection Level STANAG 4569 Level 2. Dimensions: 950×550mm. Weight 19 +/Military - China Bulletproof Vest, Bulletproof Helmet STANAG 4569 2 class protective bulletproof plateView reliable Military manufacturers on . This category presents Bulletproof Vest, Bulletproof Helmet, from China Military suppliers to global buyers., page 20

Nij Level Iiia Iii Iv Bulletproof Bullet Proof Armoured STANAG 4569 2 class protective bulletproof plate

Bulletproof steel plates are generally used in bulletproof and explosion-proof projects, such as bulletproof doors, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof vests, bulletproof shields; bank counters, confidential safes; riot vehicles, bulletproof money transport vehicles, armored pernel carriers, combat vehicles, submarines, landing craft , Anti-smuggling boats, helicopters, etc.Protection classes WELP GroupThe ballistic protection classes of the VPAM and the American NIJ (National Institute of Justice) indicate the level of firearm resistance of a special protection vehicle. Most of our vehicles correspond to protection class VR7 or VR9.STANAG 4569 1 class/STANAG 4569 2 class/STANAG 4569 3 STANAG 4569 2 class protective bulletproof plateThreat STANAG 4569 2 class (Infantry Rifles, 7.62mm AP) Artillery Simulator 20mm FSP (simulating 155mm threat) at 630 m/sec from a distance of 80 meters (10,676J). Due to very low probability of a large fragment retaining enough velocity at these distances, STANAG 4569 makes this optional. Ammunition 7.62mm x 39 API BZ Distance 30 meters

STANAG 4569 2 class protective bullet

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